Feb 20

What’s your happy? Is it a physical place? Is it a person? Is it a thing you find or carry with you? Is it a memory? Or is it simply being? I write this while basking in the embrace of my long-time happy: the mountains. So, partial to personal locale, I originally began with, “what’s

Why can’t every day be a 10?

May 16

There are those who go through life mellow, passive, flowing and rolling with whatever comes their way never pausing long enough to contend or diverge. I think they live happy lives. Content lives. Then there are those of us who are ferocious: we are outspoken advocates for our own or shared interests. Our passion can

When the voice in your head isn’t enough

Apr 23

Where do we find the motivation and power to persevere? Normally, we can fuel our own fire, but everyone reaches a point where that is no longer enough. Where no matter how hard you scream at yourself to keep going or how desperately you try to convince your body that it’s just a little further,

Why is it getting harder?

Apr 17

Have you noticed that the second day, second week, second go of just about nearly anything that you have proved to yourself that you can do once is oft times more challenging than the first? I am currently encountering this with both cycling as I push to get back into shape for a season jam-packed