When the voice in your head isn’t enough

Apr 23

Where do we find the motivation and power to persevere? Normally, we can fuel our own fire, but everyone reaches a point where that is no longer enough. Where no matter how hard you scream at yourself to keep going or how desperately you try to convince your body that it’s just a little further,

Why is it getting harder?

Apr 17

Have you noticed that the second day, second week, second go of just about nearly anything that you have proved to yourself that you can do once is oft times more challenging than the first? I am currently encountering this with both cycling as I push to get back into shape for a season jam-packed

A new perspective

Apr 8

So, how is it going? Right about now, you might be buoyed by success, or frustrated at the “restrictions” you now feel confined to exist within. Or a mix of both? Regarding the later: stop thinking about what you can’t or shouldn’t eat, and start thinking about what you can! When people hear that I


Apr 2

Change is hard, and it’s supposed to be. If it was easy, it would just be part of your normal continuum, but that’s not what we’re looking for. We don’t want to stay sliding along the same path, we want to expand to a new dimension. Here are some very reasonable barriers to change: You’re