Yoga in Utah

Hi, my name is Stella. This is my 7th year of actively working to heal myself. Having finally reached a state where I can control my mood, energy and overall health with what I eat and how I move, I am ready to share! It has been a long, arduous, and oftentimes physically painful path, but the rewards have been extraordinary. Sure, we are each special in our own unique way, but I am not made of super DNA deserving of the awe that peers and strangers bestow upon me when they see my abounding energy and hear of my daily continuum of athletic movement. Instead, I have learned to eat for energy and happiness. I write this blog not to tell you to become vegan, eat only coconut oil, or never to touch another grain, but rather to offer up the simple rules I have learned to live by along with fun personal anecdotes. Each post builds on ideas presented in the previous one, so be sure to start at the beginning and give yourself ample time for the exercises.

Here’s to finding a healthier and more vibrant expression of your own unique and beautiful self!