Hello current and future healthy living enthusiasts!

On this blog, I will share my own thoughts on the importance of individualized eating. Simply put, this means eating for you, not for fads. I will go over what I think that means and offer some personal anecdotes and suggestions for how you can get in tune with your body and start really feeling the effects of what you eat. Each post will build on information and ideas in the previous, so catch up if you come in late! I will not present you with evidenced-based medicine that decrees what you should eat according to how a group of controlled individuals responded in a study. Those guidelines are easily accessible elsewhere. Here, you will find some helpful tidbits (and some colorful recipes!) for learning to listen to your own health guru (your body!) and become conscious of how your food affects your body, mind and soul. Also, expect to see an abundance of encouraging memoirs and personal athletic endeavors for motivation.

So, here’s to health, happiness, and abounding energy!


*Please note that tidbits, suggestions, and recipes on this site are not meant to be used as a weight loss plan. I strongly encourage you to share any changes you choose to make with your doctor to insure that they are safe and appropriate for you.